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⚠️⚠️⚠️ Sync with Library is not maintained anymore, and is considered out of support since January 1st 2022.

If you are maintaining a design system, or just want to clean up your files, we'd suggest checking Merge duplicates.

For what it may help, we enabled 30% discount for all of you using Sync with Library (the link should already get to it, but you can also redeem it using the iusesyncwithlibrary code).

We apologize if the plugin is not working well anymore for you 🙈, but hope this helps a bit.

Sync with Library is a Sketch plugin to easily replace local symbols and layer&text styles with library ones.

It will scan your document and active libraries and find any symbol or style with the same name as your local ones, and let you decide which ones you want to replace and which you want to keep.

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Sync with library

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