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Mesh gradients for Figma

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Mesh gradients is a Figma plugin to create awesome real mesh gradients.

If you're more like Sketch, Mesh gradients is also available for Sketch.

Mesh gradients right inside of Figma

Set your mesh, pick some colors, and start creating some curvy gradients in a breeze!

Or if you feel more like it, use any of the Collection gradients to bootstrap your new creation!

Installing Mesh gradients for Figma

Mesh gradients is a Figma plugin. You may find it in your Figma Community page (in the app), or directly on the Figma site.

If you are already working on an open file you can also Right click on it, and click on Plugins > Browse plugins in Community, and look for "Mesh gradients".

Yearly subscription

Mesh gradients for Figma is licensed per designer. It's a yearly subscriptions, and all updates are included with it.

See all the details on the Mesh gradients for Figma site.


"I was seriously impressed with the Sketch version of this plugin (and still am), so it's awesome to see it ported to Figma. Highly recommended!"

"Wooo, It's unbelievable, congratulations 🎊"

"This looks amazing. You should upload a few of these gradients to @unsplash as wallpapers. I bet you'd get 100k downloads in the first 6 months"

"This looks beautiful!! Can't wait to try it out."

"👏 That looks amazing and just in time for a project I’m working on!"

Thank you all for you feedback! You are awesome ❤️❤️❤️!

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Mesh gradients for Figma

2 ratings
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