Merge duplicates

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Join over 15.000 designers already using Merge Duplicates to keep their design systems and files consistent and clean.

Choose the symbol or style you want to keep and press OK. The discarded ones will be removed, and all of their instances will be replaced by the one you chose to keep (also overrides).

Merge duplicates includes:

- Merge duplicate symbols 

- Merge selected symbols

- Merge duplicate layer styles

- Merge selected layer styles

- Merge similar layer styles

- Merge duplicate text styles

- Merge selected text styles

- Merge similar text styles

- Merge duplicate color variables

- Merge selected color variables

- Merge similar color variables

- ⭐️  Including all linked libraries!

One time purchase

Merge duplicates is licensed per device. It's a one-time purchase, and all updates are included with it. No subscriptions, and no further surprises :)

See all details on the Merge Duplicates website, or read about how Sketch handles duplicate symbols and styles on Medium.


"You’ve just saved countless hours for me. Sketch kept duplicating symbols for no reason. Kudos!"

"This plugin has saved me so much time and effort! It really helps to keep things nice and tidy, so THANK YOU!"

"Just found this today! It saved me hours of precious time! Works really well."

"I’ve been suffering this issue for more than a year. I’ve just installed the plugin, it works perfectly! I’ve removed a bunch of duplicates, such a stunning thing you made"

Thank you all for you feedback! You are awesome ❤️❤️❤️!

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Merge duplicates

84 ratings
I want this!